Music is part of the human fabric. This explains why kids start to identify rhythms and music beats even before they can utter a word. After all, music is food for the soul. Why should you play music around your toddlers anyway? Here are some reasons why parents are advised to introduce music to their kids at an early age.

Music is a Mood Lifter

Good music can be exciting for adults, but it might be even better for kids. Most parents turn to music when they need to calm or soothe their little ones, but it can also be used to lift their spirits. Music’s mood-enhancing ability also means that you can use it to familiarise your kids with your daily schedule, say letting them know that it is time to sleep, eat, or play.

Music Injects a Sense of Belonging

Listening to music can help children feel connected to their families. When parents play certain types of tunes at home, it becomes easy for kids to experience the family-connection right from their young years. Music’s ability to create a sense of belonging might also be used in schools to help children feel connected from an early age.

Music Enhances Communication

Even if your child cannot speak, introducing them to some music tunes helps develop their communication. A child’s ability to mimic sounds they hear often makes it a lot easier for them to understand what is going on around them. This means they can murmur some words and respond to communication directed towards them. If your child is already speaking, exposure to music enhances their vocabulary.

Music Helps Kids Build Coordination

Even if your kid cannot walk or understand the lyrics, they are likely to move their body to a rhythm. Ideally, music enhances a kid’s inclination to progress and develop their motor skills. A simple kid’s song coupled with back-and-forth play goes a long way in building brain and body coordination.

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