Pink Floyd was an English rock band originating from London in 1965. They made music in the psychedelic pop and progressive rock genres and are often credited with popularising them. The band was known for their unique song compositions, philosophical and thought-provoking lyrics, experimentation as well as brilliant live shows that captured the essence of their music. Pink Floyd comprised of four band members initially – Syd Barrett (lead vocals), Nick Mason (drums), Roger Waters (bass guitar and vocals), and Richard Wright (keyboard and vocals). David Gilmour joined later as a guitarist going on to work on legendary albums such as Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here.

The lyrics of Pink Floyd’s songs mostly comprised of deep philosophical meaning and timely themes. Dark Side of the Moon deals with living in modern times and how the pressure can take a mental toll on people. Songs such as Brick in the Wall and Comfortably Numb take issues with the schooling system and how children are often made to fit a certain type of imaginary mould undermining the unique abilities and skills each of them possesses. The song can also be thought of as an allegory to society in general. Comfortably Numb also talks about the feeling of being intoxicated on drugs and the feeling that comes with it, as well as going through the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms afterwards.

Perhaps Pink Floyd’s musical talent can be best seen in their most experimental and boldest album, The Wall. This album deals with the feelings of self-alienation, societal withdrawal, depression, and dealing with the struggles of fame. Hence the lead character of the album isolates himself in a self-imposed wall residing deep into his thoughts. Each of the songs follows a coherent story when put together in succession about the protagonist known as Pink and his dark journey. The album is ultimately about breaking free from the emotional and mental bonds that imprison a person’s thoughts, rendering them socially reserved and unmotivated. Powerful albums such as these combined with unique and amazing music shot Pink Floyd to worldwide popularity, making them one of the highest-selling artists in the world.

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