Why Expose Your Kids to Music?

Music is part of the human fabric. This explains why kids start to identify rhythms and music beats even before they can utter a word. After all, music is food for the soul. Why should you play music around your toddlers anyway? Here are some reasons why parents are advised to introduce music to their

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd was an English rock band originating from London in 1965. They made music in the psychedelic pop and progressive rock genres and are often credited with popularising them. The band was known for their unique song compositions, philosophical and thought-provoking lyrics, experimentation as well as brilliant live shows that captured the essence of

Pop Punk

During the 2000s music producers began to take the attitude and sound elements of punk and make them more accessible to a general audience. This gave

David Bowie

Few pop stars have been able to reach as high a level of artistry as the late David Bowie. When he hit the music scene he wowed audiences with his and


During heavy metal shows the audience at the front may engage in a style of dance known as moshing. This involves a group of people slamming into one