For more than four decades, the British heavy metal group Iron Maiden have entertained audiences. They continue to play sell-out gigs all over the world. The band is fairly unique for its huge dedicated fan base which consists of members from numerous different countries.

They were first formed in East London in 1975. Their bassist Steve Harris has been a consistent part of Iron Maiden during several lineup changes. Their discography includes sixteen studio albums, as well as twelve live ones. Their energetic live performances have contributed to their immense popularity. Iron Maiden regularly tour and even have their own airliner which is used to transport equipment. Lead singer, Bruce Dickinson himself pilots the plane.

Often a band will change their sound and style over the years. However, Iron Maiden are different as they have stayed fairly consistent. Their songs tend to focus on multiple fast and heavy electric guitars. There is also an emphasis on powerful male vocals and lyrics dealing with epic or historical subjects.

The Number Of The Beast

This song is inspired by horror films from the 1970s such as The Omen and The Exorcist. It received a level of controversy from tabloids such as the Daily Mail when it was first released. The lyrics are from the perspective of someone traumatised by a supernatural event. At live gigs, a large demonic puppet often appears on stage during this track.


The setting for this track is Ancient Egypt. It tells the story of a Pharaoh who is struggling to come to terms with his mortality. Powerslave is a song found on the album of the same name.

The Final Frontier

Horror and history are not the only themes seen in the Iron Maiden discography. Science fiction is the focus of this newer song. It is about a space traveller who becomes stranded with no chance of escape. The song title is a homage to the iconic TV series Star Trek.

Run To The Hills

Run To The Hills depicts the brutal massacre of Native Americans during the 1800s. The first half of the song is from the perspective of villagers who have had their culture damaged by white settlers. The second half is from the point of view of soldiers who want to completely destroy the natives. It is a damning look at how modern America was formed.

The Trooper

The Charge of the Light Brigade was a disastrous military manoeuvre that led to the deaths of hundreds of British soldiers. The Trooper pays tribute to these men. Lead singer Bruce Dickinson often dresses up as a redcoat while waving a tattered union jack flag when he performs this song live to crowds.

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