We all love a good ballad- be it a hip hop tune, reggae jam, R&B track or some heavy metal rock. Everyone has that kind of music that appeals to them and brings out different emotions that otherwise remain well hidden.

When that favourite beat drops, you immediately feel a change on the inside. Have you ever stopped to think that music could have a direct effect on your health? Probably not. Or, for those who may have done so, the most likely effect that came to your mind is how the habit of listening to loud music can affect your health.

It goes beyond that, though. Music can have a considerable effect on how our body responds to different conditions that even health experts have taken to exploring its use in therapy. Several countries also have institutions dedicated to music therapy that are fully operational. The American Music Therapy Association, for instance, is a US department that concerns itself with the use of music in treatment.

Conditions That Can Be Treated Using Music

Well, rarely will a doctor prescribe music to a patient (but this is not unseen either). Rather, medical experts try to gauge the emotional and social aspects of their patients from the music they love. From there, the doctor can use the specific genre to get the patient to open up on a condition that has been disturbing them.


This an oh-so-common condition in the present day. From work to relationships and a tough economy, there really is no shortage of things that can stress you out. You can perform self-therapy by finding out the kind of music that really soothes you out after a stressful day. Make time to listen to this kind of music specifically. This should not be done as a secondary action, like listening to music as you cook.

Rather, dedicate time to just listening to music. You could also combine it with another therapeutic schedule like yoga. You can contact a medical expert to help you identify a good genre of therapeutic music. Instead of going to a hospital, you could use an app like Livi to access such advice from your home.

Developmental Impediments

Music is usually used to treat problems like slow learning, especially in kids. By mastering and memorizing musical aspects, such kids can be able to greatly improve their motor skills.

Heart Problems

Research has indicated that music can be used to control the breathing pattern in heart-condition patients. Harmonious music calms the heart rate and makes it stable.


Older people can be assisted to overcome a failing memory by subjecting them to relatable music. The music takes them back in time and helps them remember stuff that may have escaped their memory.

The above are just but a few ways in which music can be used to improve health. Numerous other conditions like autism, stroke, and aphasia can significantly benefit from music. Be sure to keep checking how else music can help you healthwise.

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