Lady Gaga started her career as a controversial figure. She was known for her strange and unconventional costumes and videos. Her songs were dance hits that utilised synthesizers and autotune vocals. However, as her career progressed she began to favour traditional pianos and her own raw vocals.

Her Image

Gaga has managed to gain a considerable amount of media attention due to her high profile antics. Some of the biggest publications such as the BBC have written about her numerous controversies. For instance, she once wore a dress made from meat to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards as a cultural statement.

A Star Is Born

In 2018, Lady Gaga showcased her acting skills by starring in the musical A Star Is Born. She plays a woman who falls in love with a rock star played by Bradley Cooper. He helps her develop her own singing career until tragedy strikes.

The movie features the song Shallow performed by Gaga. The track went on to win numerous accolades including an Oscar. A Star Is Born allowed Gaga to utilise both her acting and singing abilities, winning her praise from critics.

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